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Ranking On Google Maps Just Got Harder Than Ever. For Most That Is...

"Introducing The Fastest, Simplest Way To Get Your Clients Or Your Lead Gen Sites Into The 3 Pack Of Google Maps, Charge Absolute Premium Monthly Fees And Ensure That You Get More New Customers In A Week Than From Any Other Source All Month."

From the desk of
Brian Willie, Co-Founder of Local Client Takeover

Brian Willie

Dear Fellow Local Marketer

What I'm about to reveal, only a select group of local marketers have been granted access to in secret and most have had to sign air-tight, non-disclosure agreements before they learned this.

Success Story: Simon Cornelius

Simon Cornelius

" Quick update on this brand new site I'm building out for a doctor in a major metro area in the US. This stuff works guys and gals.

Following the process exactly per the maps training...

** BAAAM! #2 on maps in just a few days.***

And I haven't even begun sending any citations yet. There are a handful that exist already, but less than or equal to the local competition.

Oh, and I am painstakingly documenting this entire process for future clients. I used to be able to wing it, however with all the brain stuffing material we have now, it is a requirement.

**Update: It's #1 on maps now. & #10 organic "

Read on for details.

Would you agree that ranking highly for ultra competitive law practices in the 3 Pack Of Google Maps is one of the toughest things an SEO can do?

Perhaps you've tried to rank even far less competitive businesses, without much luck?

Maybe you've followed all of the right steps but it just hasn't clicked for you.

Maybe you keep getting close, but your listings get stuck...just out of sight...


Despite what you have been told, top rankings in the coveted 3 Pack is not as simple as throwing up an optimized listing and having more and more citations or throwing a few garbage links at your site...

...nope-it goes much deeper than that.

Now The News Just Got Worse. Much Worse.

Google's latest update knocked 57% of even the best SEOs in the business right off of maps.

Yep. Gone.

How you might ask?

Google shrunk the size of the pack from 7 to just 3.

That means that where once 7 spots were available on Page 1 for these highly coveted positions, now only 3 remain.

What Does This Mean To You? A Big Challenge...BUT An Even Bigger Financial Opportunity. Here's How:

It means you have to be at the absolute top of your game if you are going to get your clients or your own lead gen sites into one of only 3 spots available.

It also means that you can now charge them an absolute premium price for your services.

Or if you do lead gen-know with certainty that you'll get a lot more leads that you can either sell or rent out that site and listing for a lot more money!

More on that in a minute.

First Let Me Ask You A Quick Question

What do these super competitive law firms have in common?

One who went from barely surviving to adding over $200,000 to their earnings in their first year using this program we're about to introduce you to?

How about a firm that went from $175,000 per year gross, to close to $1.2 Mil per year in just 4 years?

Or how about the struggling new attorney who was doing less than $5,000 per month...not even enough to pay student loans and have a decent life to doing $35k last month?

The answer is simple:

They all made it to the top 3 of Google Maps, and their phone began to ring off the hook.

Notice I didn't say the top 7.

They would be history right now if they were any lower than position 3.

...and more importantly they all used the secret weapon that I'm about to not only tell you about, but, for a very limited time, make available to you exclusively which will almost force your clients to want to pay you premium prices when they see what this can do for their business.

All of your clients or your own lead gen sites are in the top 3 of Google Maps aren't they?

If not read on, you won't want to miss a second of this important letter.

Are You Still Struggling to Get Your Client Or Lead Gen Sites Into The 3 Pack Of Google Maps?

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.

Have you worked with clients on SEO and tried expensive paid ads through Google Adwords?

Maybe you've had some success at getting their site to rank organically?

But something still isn't clicking.

Something is off and you or your client's impossibly low call volume and low revenues show it.

Maybe you even struggle every day to produce enough leads that you can sell from your own sites.

Want To Hear Something No One Else Is Talking About?

Let me introduce you to our secret weapon:

Our secret weapon is a proprietary system that's been tightly honed over the years and re-invented and tested with the new 3 pack update.

Every step of this system is designed to help you absolutely dominate the 3 pack-no matter the city, no matter the niche.

Here's the thing:

While I mostly make my living from doing SEO for high end lawyers-(some of my clients do $50-60 Million in settlements per year from which I get a percentage)-this works for any niche any city.

Here are several screen shots of current clients dominating the 3 packs of map.

And the list goes on and on...

Before I Show You My Proprietary System - I Ask Two Simple Things of You:

1. Stop buying into the hype that SEO alone is the answer to you or your client's dead as doornail phones.

2. Switch today to the understanding that the online world has changed dramatically.

IF you or your client are not in the 3 pack of Google Maps...

Well guess what?

You are losing massive amounts of business and cold hard cash-to your competitors-every single day.


Want To Know What's Even Worse?

If you don't have your clients or your lead gen sites in the 3 pack-not only are you losing out on a massive opportunity to make a lot more money every month...

Guess what?

Your clients are also A LOT smarter than you think.

If they aren't in the 3 pack or were recently knocked out....

Guess what they are doing?

Searching for someone else to do their SEO!

You know and I know that your clients get calls daily from other SEOs, and I guarantee you they are whispering in your client's ear right now that they can get them out of this "rut" and pull them into the 3 pack.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way, Because Getting Your Client Into The 3 Pack Just Became Easier Than Ever And Just Created The Biggest Revenue Opportunity In The Local Market In Years.

But Most SEOs struggle with getting their clients on Page 1 of Maps, let alone in the 3 pack.

Instead, their listings get buried on page 2 or 4 and no one ever sees it.

Without the ability to see what your or your client's business is all about AND more importantly read reviews about them...all in one spot... potential customers with their wallet out, ready to spend, move on to the next business who has this in place.

That's just the cold hard truth.

The same holds true of your own lead gen sites, whether you do rank and rent, pay per lead or anything in between.

So Brian What Does This Have To Do With Me?

Great question.

The answer: A massive revenue opportunity.

You see, at Local Client Takeover, we've always put maps high on the visibility radar of our client's sites and our own lead gen sites.

We make darn sure you understand why it's so important to be highly ranked...

...more importantly how being ranked in the top 3 positions of Maps stands to make both us and our clients a boatload of money.

And...because we know how to educate our clients on the importance of Maps rankings...

We Can Charge Premium Prices, And Now So Can You

You see, too many local marketers try to "lump" maps in as a low end service, buried as a part of their SEO proposal.

That's a HUGE mistake.

The reality is, it's not in any way a low end service.It's perhaps the most important service to your client...Now more than ever.

It's also the most important place your lead gen site can be.

And It's Stock Just Went Up. WAY Up!

Because 57% of all listings just got the boot, that means you can charge ultra premium prices to get and keep your clients in the 3 pack or know with certainty that many more leads will come in that can be sold in your market.

Look-we are routinely charging $1,000-$2,000 per month JUST for Maps, and our clients are happy to pay it.

Why? Because we can clearly show them what kind of business they stand to gain or lose by either being in the 3 pack or not.

It's really that simple.

But Brian, I'm Not Good At Getting Maps Rankings.

We thought you might say that.

Remember the secret weapon I was telling you about-our proprietary ranking system?

I don't say this to brag-but when other top SEOs are having trouble getting their clients ranked on maps, guess who they call?

You see, ranking highly on Maps is a science. It's completely different than SEO.

It has it's own set of rules.

It's literally a battle, and the best armed people win.

But If You Do This For Your Existing Clients Or Even Your Own Sites-New Clients Are Yours For The Choosing AND You Can Command Top Fees.


Because your client's phone will ring more. A lot more. And that means more money in their pocket and yours.

That also means you are immune to other SEOs calling and emailing them, trying to steal them from you.

And now you'll have massive proof that you can show any other potential new client. Where everyone else is failing to get in the 3 pack-all of your listings somehow are.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It works and it works very, very well.

Introducing Local 3 Pack Domination!

We've heard you loud and clear!

Local digital marketers are tired of struggling with not only getting their clients to the top of maps, but also keeping them there.

Lead gen experts can't get enough leads because they can't figure out the 3 pack.

We've told you about the importance of having your client in the 3 pack-they keep you around, you get more clients, you charge premium fees.

What if we told you there was a way you could almost guarantee your client or your lead gen sites a listing in the 3 pack?

Now you can.

Local 3 Pack Domination cuts right to the chase of what to do...step-by-step to get and stay in the Local 3 Pack of maps or fix your current maps issues preventing you from ranking.

In fact, you'll be able to easily and quickly earn back your modest investment in this one of a kind program.

Local 3 Pack Domination is 23 module video training course.

Look over my shoulder as I walk you through, step-by-step exactly how to rank any listing in the 3 Pack. Any niche, any city.

Inside The 23 Module Local 3 Pack Domination Course You'll Discover

  • The 3 ways Google displays 3 pack results and why you must learn these 3 methods to your almost unfair advantage. Skip this part and get left out in the cold.
  • The exact, step-by-step, repeatable and easy to outsource method we use to properly optimize every listing for massive success!
  • Why and how to easily geo tag photos to not only create highly important trust signals for your listing, but rank for almost any term on Maps.
  • The one place your geo tagged photo must be housed for ridiculous domain authority. No one is teaching this, but it is incredibly powerful for ranking your GMB listing.
  • Our 4-step-process for adding essential additional information inside your photos which practically forces Google to cut your listing to first in line status.
  • Our 10 minute, easy to implement on-site structure that absolutely murders GMB rankings! None of your competitors have any idea this even exists and won't know what hit them when you put this into play for crazy results!
  • Our two word title tag change that creates massive trust for your listing almost immediately.
  • The 3 behemoth websites you must have a citation on. Even a hint that your listing information is slightly off on these sites can send your GMB listing into a tailspin. But get this right and you'll leapfrog over your competition!
  • Why your schema markup is wrong and what to do about it. We've used this one technique to go from nowhere to the 3 pack in a week many times.
  • The new markup that Google is favoring and why no one is talking about it
  • How to quickly set up an authoritative branded mini-network that Google absolutely loves and tie this directly in to your Maps listing for incredibly fast rankings.
  • Citations-which ones work, which ones don't and why. We'll walk through where to get great citations that knock it out of the park PLUS the 3 types of citations almost no one uses but can create lightning fast gains in your GMB positions.
  • How to spy on your competitor's entire citation lineup to rank so fast that they will shake their heads wondering why it took them years to achieve your results.
  • How to rank on Maps for multi-location sites. Whether you actually have physical addresses for each location or you work with service businesses that cover several cities-you'll learn how to have them dominating for all of their cities.
  • How to find legitimate local addresses for less than $20 that work not only for GMB verification but help you crush the rankings. Never leave your house to set up an address. PLUS my seamless process for getting these addresses through a usually tough compliance process in just 10 minutes.
  • How to structure a service-based-listing and the corresponding website for total domination across several cities.
  • How and when to boost citations and what citation boosting companies are not telling you that could get your site and listing penalized.
  • Two easy to implement steps that 99% of your competition don't even know exist. Put your listing over the top with these 5 minute dirt cheap methods.
  • How to use done for you IFTTT networks to create trust, authority and rank for even the most competitive niches and cities and the most stubborn but highly profitable keywords.
  • How to quickly diagnose common problems that cause maps listings to never show and what to do about it.
  • How to get prospective customers or clients to ignore your website all together and pick up the phone, pre-sold on you or your client directly from the Google My Business listing.

Plus much more! Way too much to go into here!

For Years, You Could Not Get This Kind Of Expert Maps Instruction Unless You Paid One Of Only A Handful Of Experts ALOT Of Money.

In fact I'm routinely paid $500 per hour for my private 3 Pack coaching service. No that is not a Typo!

Only a select group of local marketers have been granted access to this system in secret, and most have had to sign air-tight, non-disclosure agreements before they did.

But now...

For a very limited time, you can get your client sites or your own lead gen sites a 3 pack listing for the top keywords in almost any niche or city...

...and at a very reasonable price.

This means more leads, more phone calls and more closed business for you or your client.

They are thrilled with your service and you look like a hero and start charging future clients absolute premium fees for this one service.

So What Does Local 3 Pack Domination Cost?

Considering that once you have a 3 Pack Maps listing, you can drastically start to increase prices to future clients, or rake it in with pay per lead, we thought about charging a minimum of $497 for this 23 module in-depth, advanced training course.

We'd be crazy not to right?

I mean we've achieved 3 Pack rankings for virtually EVERY lawyer and non-lawyer client we've ever worked with..

We routinely get paid $1-2k per month just to do maps in bigger cities for highly competitive niches.

So we could easily charge that much.

We also get asked to "clean up the mess" of other SEO providers and do private coaching for SEO's who are good at getting organic rankings but have no idea what it takes to get top Maps rankings.

But we decided we wanted to make this much more affordable so you can bypass the sharp learning curve and know everything you need to know about ranking in the 3 pack from one in depth course.

We also wanted to make this very profitable for you because you can apply what you learn immediately to crush it with every single listing you create.

So for a limited time, you can try out Local 3 Pack Domination not for $297

Not even for $197

Try it today for just $47

This is special launch only pricing and the price will go up quickly to at least $197 or more.

We have affiliates clamoring to promote this for us at $197, so the $47 price won't last long.

Look, we charge our clients $1,000.00 and sometimes even $2,000.00 a month just to get ranked on Maps and use it to absolutely rake in massive paydays on our pay per lead and lead gen sites using the exact techniques you'll learn here.

So $47 to learn everything is a drop in the bucket when you stop and think that one new client or one ranked pay per lead/lead gen listing will more than cover your modest investment.

Don't Take Our Word For It. See What Some Of Our Clients And People Who Have Learned Directly From Us Have To Say

Success Story: Armando Saenz

"You could have sold your map module for $995 easy, good stuff. Just saying."

Success Story: Bert, Orange County CA

"In our first year our law firm hired Brian Willie to generate business on the internet. The return on investment was fantastic. We estimate over $200,000 in new business was a direct result of Brian's efforts. I have never found a better marketing strategy and we had literally tried everything before we found Brian"

Success Story: Eric, Austin, TX

"From $175,000 a year to nearly $1.2 Million a year for my divorce practice. Brian is hands down the best marketer on the planet!"

Success Story: Jennifer, Austin TX

"Brian is an online marketing master! He not only knows how to get leads online but he helped me turn them into paying clients! He's an amazing business strategist and I'd recommend him over and over again because he just gets it."

Success Story: Nathan, Austin, TX

"If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your company you need to call Brian Willie. His no-nonsense approach and skills will ensure you get results fast. He is very knowledgeable, ethical, and sincerely wants your business to succeed in every way!"

Success Story: Joe Justin, FL

"I have been very successful at ranking Google My Business for the company I work for. I am talking highly competitive terms in letters A thru C in Major cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. I would NOT have been able to do this without your help. Thank You!"

Success Story: Mark Marino, Orlando FL

"I'm starting an SEO agency in Orlando to help others businesses rank just like I've ranked my own businesses here. It's funny because my email box is inundated with people selling lousy SEO training and I feel so fortunate that I've come across the Local Client Takeover page that I don't even bother opening up any of the other emails from the supposed top rated SEO guys. Job well done guys. You've improved my local business and helped me to build a side business that is quickly becoming my primary income. The sky is the limit!"

Success Story: Steve Johnson

"I have been able to start implementing more of the Google My Business processes into our business and it is making us more money. We have both SEO clients and PPL Clients and have been able to implement for better results in both areas. It has led to thousands of dollars in new business for us. Pretty good ROI I would say. Thanks!!"

Success Story: Janet Nivens

"After months of trying to get a site in the maps... I was in the maps for a few cities in my area. These guys know their stuff and I am so grateful that I found their group. This is worth thousands of dollars."

Success Story: Shawn Swinigan

"The info Brian Willie is dishing out on the 3pk is priceless."

Success Story: Clint Butler

"Brian makes his maps training so easy, even the kitten gets it"

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Backed By Our No Hassle, 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee We're so absolutely sure that Local 3 Pack Domination will skyrocket your listing into the 3 pack that we're offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason Local 3 Pack Domination does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will cheerfully refund your money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!

Here's What To Do Next

Click the big orange button below. You'll be taken to a secure payment processor to get started!

From there, you'll get instant access to the only Local 3 Pack ranking on the market that will get you actual results for even the toughest of niches.

Then do us a favour and let us know how you are enjoying all of the new leads and business coming in and how much you are able to make off of becoming an expert in the Google My Business 3 Pack!

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Brian Willie
Local Client Takeover

P.S. If you are on the fence, that's ok. This isn't for every one. Some digital marketers have enough business through word of mouth, Linkedin and referrals or going to Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Some digital marketers are just in a rut and are afraid to grow their business.

But for most local marketers, they want a steady stream of new leads and business, and as I mentioned-there's really only one place that does that consistently and it's knowing how to be the top player in your market by getting client sites and your lead gen sites in the 3 pack.

P.P.S. It's a mobile world we live in and no one, and I mean no one makes a decision without reading reviews about you or your client online first. The first thing they look at is the 3 Pack.

Put your client's business or your own pay per lead business front and center at the top of Google Maps and make it easy for them to want to pay you very handsomely!

P.P.P.S. We have some big affiliates who can't wait to promote this at $197 or more, so the $47 price tag won't last long.

Click the Big Orange button below to get started and I'll see you on the other side. To every one else, good luck with your ventures!

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