How to use Call Tracking to Charge More Money for your Services

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The Hidden Benefits Of Call Tracking What is call tracking and why should you care? We all hear about call tracking but nobody dives into why it’s so important. It is such a powerful tool that you absolutely, positively need to use.   In this post, I’m going to give you the reasons why you should use it, and the call tracking system that I use personally (Analytic Call Tracking). Take all the features and benefits I summed up in this article and using them in your sales pitch.  It will differentiate you from other people selling the same SEO … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Cold Email Outreach and Video Analysis

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Here’s a post that Rob Pene put together for us.  You can get ahold of him here. A couple weeks ago, I saw a post in one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of, about how people were acquiring their clients for Web Design and SEO work. There was a lot of feedback and of course a lot of great ideas. So I took a cue from that question and started to track one particular method I use to acquire clients. I personally have a list of 25+ ways to acquire clients of various types, from the super small solopreneur to the … Read More

The Reality of Acquiring Clients Through Outreach

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“If your cold calling, blind emailing, walking in uninvited approach is not working, then maybe you need to go back to the drawing board…” -a wise man Ok sorry for shouting in the intro but in this post I want to solve a major problem I have seen manifesting since I began to help people grow their online businesses. Not just client acquisition but the manual outreach involved with some people’s strategies.   For the record there is nothing wrong with banging down doors if that is what you have to do to make your first two nickels rub together, … Read More

Getting Clients Vol. II

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EDIT: Google Alerts is not bringing back the most recent results from Craigslist. It is taking some time for them to update thus making the leads less effective because they are not fresh. Update coming soon