Niche Relevance is Dead: Local Link Building Part I

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Niche Relevance is DEAD! (1)

Who is mad at me about the click bait title? You either die the hero…or you live long enough to see yourself become a marketer that uses click bait titles.   Seriously though, niche relevance rocks   I do feel like we neglect one of the most powerful themes our links can have when performing local SEO, and that is geographical relevance. We have tested the concept of making our links more “geo-relevant” for over three years now and our links stand the test of time. If you look back in my first training I released in Local Client Takeover, … Read More

Local Mini Guide: Review Stars in the SERPs

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LCT Mini Guide Vol. I

Local Mini Guide: Review Stars in the SERPs I noticed there are a ton of posts out there on the interwebs that give you a snippet of code and tell if you add that to your site you will get your review stars to appear in the SERPs. I saw three posts just the other day in the LCT Facebook Group pertaining to getting the stars to appear, troubleshooting a site that wasn’t showing stars even though the code was correct, and even a situation where someone managed to get themselves an actual spammy schema penalty. This encouraged me to put together … Read More

The Death of Local Citations?

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Add heading

What you are in for I am going to show you why so many of your citations suck. Most if not all of them are bleh and will never help you in any circumstance. I show you why we thought it was a good idea to even perform these tests and not just give up on citations as a strategy based on some quick logic. Then, we show you how to build these things the right way. No more bad citations, no mas.   I noticed a lot of discussion on this topic in the past few months and there are some … Read More

Local Updates Part I: The Death of Virtual Offices?

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Intro Hey LCT. It has been quite some time so I wanted to deliver something pretty epic. Over the next few weeks I am going to be completely dissecting the local Google updates that have been plaguing both the 3 pack and the organic serps. Things have been crazy, right? It’s okay. We will help you guys bridge some of these gaps, clarify some misconceptions, and drop some bombs about what is working for us. No More Virtual Offices Evaaarr! This seems to be the general consensus after the newest update of the Google’s TOS pertaining to virtual offices. Before … Read More

Page One Ranking Case Study: Swipe Our Strategies

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In an attempt to publish more case studies we decided to give you guys a step by step site ranking. What better to hook you guys up with than a page one ranking case study? I want to get pretty granular in this one, and I will strive to keep it as concise as possible, but I am hoping to get you guys some awesome insight into one of our rankings.   Let me lay the foundation for what we had going on with this site. Niche: Service Based Niche – Average job size is $4-5k but depending on the case can … Read More

GMB Ranking Step by Step Guide and Case Study…Yes it survived the Update!!

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With the 7 pack turning into the 3 pack, and soon to be two pack in certain serps, it is important to be able to confidently rank your client GMB. My team is behind the DFY Google My Business Optimization service offered at Web20Ranker and this post will actually layout exactly what we had them do for this client. Keep in mind the algorithmic layout of the serps are going to play a role in determining your GMB strategy. If the serp shows a blended algo then you are going to have to improve the associated site’s organic rankings to … Read More

Definitive 3 Pack Training

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Hey LCT, we wanted to deliver to you another incredible piece of hybrid training content that illustrates how you can achieve success with ranking GMB listings in the 3 Pack, and we also included the same checklist that Brian uses to crush maps rankings. We know this update, introduced several months back, dramatically changed the landscape of local marketing on Google forever, but it seems no one has addressed the strategies that need to be implemented to effectively compete in this incredibly important piece of digital real estate. My Grand pappy always said, “The proof is in the puddin’.” Aside … Read More

Social Autopilot SEO: See How 2 Free WordPress Plugins Can Automate your Content, Social Signals, and High Quality Backlinks

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This Mini Course put together with the guest contributions of Chaz Edward from, Local Client Takeover’s preferred vendor for content and IFTTT networks.   I understand how that headline can seem unreasonably hype. Especially with some of the products we have seen sold in this industry and some of the people we imagine using similar words to describe aforementioned good that fails in the worse way to live up to the sales page promises. All too familiar…   Alas, I have nothing to sell, but I do find myself unusually excited about showing you guys this stuff because it … Read More

How to use Call Tracking to Charge More Money for your Services

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The Hidden Benefits Of Call Tracking What is call tracking and why should you care? We all hear about call tracking but nobody dives into why it’s so important. It is such a powerful tool that you absolutely, positively need to use.   In this post, I’m going to give you the reasons why you should use it, and the call tracking system that I use personally (Analytic Call Tracking). Take all the features and benefits I summed up in this article and using them in your sales pitch.  It will differentiate you from other people selling the same SEO … Read More

Press Releases and Marketing: The Definitive Guide 2.0

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Press Releases training

I made a post about using press releases in our marketing a few months ago and truth be told I was not crazy about the formatting. I decided to revisit the topic and build the post out in a more organized, structured, and actionable fashion, as well as answer some of the questions that the community has been asking . Thus, we have Press Releases and Marketing: The Definitive Guide 2.0 This post will not only assist you in incorporating press releases as a tool to improve your marketing, but also dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that can … Read More

Free Local SEO Marketing Tools

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Here’s a List of 15 free Local SEO Tools that are Actually Useful   Do you guys hate lists of free tools that are full of PLR stuff or…just plain silly tools that offer no value to your business? Yea, I do too. Thus, I wanted to throw together a list of tools that actually have some use. Below you will find a treasure trove of tools with a variety of uses. I have, or still do, use these in my business and you can too. Need free rank tracking for your sites? Yes, you heard that right, free! How … Read More

Schema Markup Made Easy

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I want to discuss what structured data does and why it is important when optimizing our sites for search. I also see a ton of people having issues when building schema and/or adding the code to their sites, thus I am going to go over a few “easy” ways to accomplish both goals. There are a lot of misconceptions when dealing with schema and its purpose. Basically, schema highlights your data for search engines, or any platform using this encoded data to boost their users search experience, by utilizing items on your website that web masters “mark-up”. One of the … Read More

GMB – The Attack of the Snack Pack

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I am going to weigh in on this three pack update a bit differently than most of my digital marketing peers. Most of the attention this “snack pack” has been drawing has been negative to say the least. I saw someone say “local seo is dead” This attitude blows my mind. Everyone thinks the sky is going to fall whenever Google makes even the slightest change to their search platform. Let’s get started.   Firstly, what Google did was smart. They removed 57% of the listings in a pack that was optimized for conversions. It is no secret they disallow things … Read More