Build a Content Generating Machine

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Build a Content Generating (1)

We requested over 200,000 words of content last week. This ranged from buyer guides (affiliate articles), information posts for the aforementioned affiliate sites, press release articles, and website content.   A lot of people struggle with content creation. It is the bottleneck of a lot of agencies. People struggle finding the right vendors or the most cost effective solutions for different pieces of their strategy.   I expect this to be an ever evolving and fairly definitive post covering how we created a scalable content creation solution using a hybrid model of our own team and a few different vendors. … Read More

How To Land Clients From The Google Maps Possum Update

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    Cute little guy right? WRONG!  Possums are great at playing dead and then going in for the kill when you aren’t watching! Google’s version of this is almost as nasty.  In case you aren’t aware, Google’s Possum update hit back in September of 2016 and has left a lot of local digital marketers shaking their head. Where did your listing go you ask? In this brand new training video, I walk you through how to spot Possum in action and several ways to land new clients. Yes I said land new clients! I’m going to walk you through … Read More

The Secret Anchor Text Formula & The Magic Link you Need to Rank Finally Discovered!

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The Secret Anchor Text Formula and The Magic Link you Need to Rank Finally Discovered!   I hope every seasoned seo rolled their eyes just a bit when they read that. That was a bit click bait-ish, and for good reason. This formulaic mindset when it comes to seo is causing people to spin their wheels and experience lackluster results in the serps. Over the past few months, I have seen a recurring issue that is causing some confusion for seos and we are here to fix that today. While the headline was me being a bit facetious…We are going … Read More

Image Optimization Post Picasa

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Image optimization

Image Optimization Post Picasa   Hey guys! One of the most popular discussions I have seen arise time and time again within the past month or so was the one that asked about image optimization post Google Picasa. Thankfully the solution is convenient and we have some awesome guest content that is going to walk you through getting this right. Let us start off by briefly discussing why image meta data is important to a holistic optimization strategy for your on page SEO, GMB, and online profiles. Aside from using different LSI keywords to stress topical and thematic relevance of … Read More

The 5 Step Process for Smart Local SEO Pricing

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Swipe Our Exact Pricing Matrix for Local SEO If you sell local SEO services, you’ve probably had thoughts like this: “Am I charging enough for my services?” “I wonder what my competitors are charging.” “Can I raise my prices?” “If I raise my prices, will I accidentally scare off new clients?” We’ve been there. Pricing can be intimidating, and it’s totally normal to worry about these kinds of questions. We’re going to show you exactly how we use a pricing matrix anytime we quote pricing for our local SEO services. [Download the EXACT pricing matrix we use for our clients, … Read More

Recommended Products & Services

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Local Client Takeover’s Recommended Products for Internet Marketing I’ve listed some of my favorite products below.  Some of these links are affiliates, but we use all of the products we recommend. Call Tracking Analytical Call Tracking – This is the call tracker that all 3 of us use to track calls for our lead generation sites.  See the article I wrote about call tracking here.  You can’t beat the price and the functionality of this platform. Citations and Social Links Marketer’s Center – Awesome pricing for this service.  I use it all the time for my lead gen sites.  Use the coupon … Read More

The Easy Way to Boost SEO and Conversions Part I: Page Speed

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VIdeo guide to optimizing your website for speed

Boosting dwell time and engagement is one of the easiest ways to boost conversions. The time it took you to open this page and read that first sentence is the average web surfer’s attention span. If they were not captivated then you can kiss that conversion goodbye. Of course search behavior plays a large role in the amount of time you have to make the magic happen, but we still need to make sure the content on our web page is being served as quickly as possible. That and Google explicitly stated that they want to serve faster loading sites … Read More

540 Email Subject Lines From Successful Marketers

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Here’s a 540 email subject line swipe file for free A little over a year ago, I read some advice about signing up for a bunch of different newsletters in your industry. I used a VA to sign up for a lot of different companies in people in the IM and SEO space.  The VA would confirm the subscription and then create a filter for that email list.  This made it easy to look at all the emails for 1 list at a time. The end result looked like this: It gave me a massive swipe file I could look … Read More