Social Autopilot SEO: See How 2 Free WordPress Plugins Can Automate your Content, Social Signals, and High Quality Backlinks

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This Mini Course put together with the guest contributions of Chaz Edward from, Local Client Takeover’s preferred vendor for content and IFTTT networks.


I understand how that headline can seem unreasonably hype. Especially with some of the products we have seen sold in this industry and some of the people we imagine using similar words to describe aforementioned good that fails in the worse way to live up to the sales page promises. All too familiar…


Alas, I have nothing to sell, but I do find myself unusually excited about showing you guys this stuff because it WORKS! Yes, these are tactics we use (you will see some ranking proof in the videos) and it is not something that will disappear with the next update. I mean this is not some link exploit, ranking loophole, or black hat hack that will leave you plummeting back down the serps twice as quick as you climbed them.

I am not going to bore you with too much more of an intro so here is a quick video plus bullet points outlining what you can expect to find in this Social Autopilot SEO mini course:



  • Where to get massive amounts of super cheap content to make this all possible. Paying premium prices per article can bleed a budget when we want to drip out 50 posts at a time.
  • Grow your money site content past 10k words of content and show Google new and fresh content as often as you want. Your Google quality score is in your hands.
  • The 2 Free plugins that make this all possible
  • Building profiles on a network of high quality sites to get you unlimited hq backlinks. Once these are built you never have to worry about them again. We also show you our preferred vendor if you have better things to do with  your time than manually build links.
  • Using one of the most powerful social platforms on the planet to power your SEO. (Watch this accounts authority go through the roof while you sit back and rank stuff)
  • Automatically build overall domain authority and never worry about unnatural linking patterns again.
  • Two different ways to manage the entire process from a spreadsheet or inside WordPress. Never worry about creating or uploading content again. A few hours for you or your VA and you have a years worth of Social SEO done for your site. This stuff has never been easier.


Before we get into the nuts and bolts I want to show you guys a quick intro going through some results this machine generates. Every time we post an article that follows this setup we see an uptick in rankings. Not really any nuts and bolts here but for approximately ten minutes of your time you can see a site ranking using only this tactic and some (around 30) citations.

SPOILER ALERT* It ranks for a bunch of PPC terms in Baltimore, MD not for terms like “Ethical lawn care service that works really hard on my yard for great rates”…That would not be very valuable for you guys so we left that out.



Before we give the mic back to Chaz I want to show you guys something special. I made a complete full stack video series showing how a busy agency owner can expedite this whole process and fast track the Social Autopilot SEO. Following my videos will be the rest of the guest contributed content from Chaz showing you the intricacies of putting this stuff together yourself, but I wanted you all to get both perspectives fully, and I know smart marketers will appreciate the hands off approach, especially when i show you guys how cheap this stuff really is to outsource.


This is the longest video in the mini course but it walks you through the simple steps to get this process expedited and working for you in no time at all. Pour yourself a drink and when you get back let me show you how to conquer the serps with Social Autopilot SEO.


Key Takeaways from this Video:


  • Harness the power of Social Autopilot SEO


In this video Chaz walks through the basic setup, the infrastructure of what makes this so powerful. He does not go  into great detail as the work is more tedious than technical but he points out some essential nuggets to keep in mind when doing this initial building. These tactics help establish yourself as a brand in the eyes of Google (fast becoming one of the most important ranking metric in existence) and interlink your profiles to increase the SEO power this delivers to your campaigns.


Just a few points to sum the video up:

  • Set up your Gravatar profile for your digital brand.
  • Build your social profiles and interlink them as much as possible
  • Add your Gravatar to your website
  • Download the Excel sheet below to assist you in creating and organizing your social ring of trust



In this next video we walk through one of the two free plugins that make this magic happen. This is a basic installation and configuration training but its important to set this part up correctly as this is the glue that holds our Autopilot Social SEO together. It is a brief five minute video that gets you started and on the right track. Enjoy!

Some solid takeaways:


  • Install the Jetpack plugin and configure your publishing settings
  • Add your Gravatar
  • Configure properly based on the number of users on the blog


In this next video we are going to really harness the power of social media to see some real ranking benefit from our efforts. We use Twitter and boy oh boy is it powerful! Chaz covers how to power up our Twitter a bit if you wish (It will happen naturally through posting and syndicating content) and how we see it effects the Twitter sandbox,  at the start of the video.


You will learn a few basic recipes to automate the growth of your Twitter and some awesome tips on making your feed look natural for the longevity of your account. With this being less than 10 minutes, the video is short, sweet, and to the point.


In this final contribution by Chaz he holds nothing back as he shows you how to leverage your Twitter profile to blast your content out to your social sites to create tons of hq social signals, backlinks, and some all around epic stuff. You are emulating a basic level of virality for search engines with this setup and it is POWERFUL. This video reveals what really makes this system stand out. This is not your grandpappys social automation system.

What we learned:

  • Interlink your social profiles
  • Create your second + tiers of profiles and interlink those as well
  • Grab your recipe list below


  • Build the rest of your viral ranking campaign strategy


We made every attempt to keep the training as concise as possible but actionable as well. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section below. Happy rankings. Here are the links from the video one last time.

Order IFTTT Accounts

Order Cheap Articles 

Now go forth and rank all of the things.


46 Comments on “Social Autopilot SEO: See How 2 Free WordPress Plugins Can Automate your Content, Social Signals, and High Quality Backlinks”

  1. Paul

    Mark – that was brilliant – thanks so much to you and Chaz for sharing all of that.

    By the way – it looks as though the twitter recipes link downloads the same accounts spreadsheet wordbook as for video 3 – as opposed to a list of ifttt twitter recipes..

  2. Tina

    Thanks for the quality information. In my experience, jetpack slows down sites load time. What is the walk-around this?

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  4. Brandon

    I am with Tina I still have not found a solution to Jetpack slowing my sites down as well. If you have a solution to this please share in the Facebook group as well i am sure many could use this resource.

    1. localclienttakeover

      Jetpack is a means to an end. You can use an autoposter like Buffer or Hootsuite and accomplish the same thing. You can even tweak the recipes. Bottom line is Jetpack is not a necessity, it is just how we do it in this demonstration.

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  7. Mark

    Is this technique similar to what network empire does with their web ring 1, web ring 2 etc setup & the domain authority stacking? if not, would these techniques compliment each other?

  8. digital instinct

    As I wanted to dig deeper into IFTTT, I worked through this post and found some very good information in it.

    I really like, what I have read and seen so far and got some new ideas, which I can implement in my and our clients SEO Strategy.

    Thank you for all the work you have put into this course!

    – Philipp

  9. Jonathan

    Hey man, do we have to use IFTTT for some of these? I mean, I was searching for an alternative to jetpack (for reasons abovementioned) and found this NextScripts plugin that allows a large number of syndication. (some missing from the recipe list that you shared, but a good number more are available as well.

    For those that are available in that plugin, is there still a benefit to route it through to twitter and then IFTTT from there?


  10. James Watkins

    Wow what an amazing way to use IFTTT, this is going to take my content syndication to the next level and the fact you can semi-automate it is priceless. I came across your blog by accident but will be bookmarking for future reference. Thanks

  11. Stu

    Great article. I’m looking at the recipes in the last video. Concerning T1; If you run a blog or some website. Will not properties such as Weebly, Blogger, and just do you harm regarding duplicate content? I do understand that the social bookmarking and social media properties are excellent regarding SEO, but I don’t get these. And why would you have a Blogger or Weebly property if you already own a website that you try to rank? Tumblr I do understand because it’s primarily an image platform and you also have the follower building aspect.

    Am I correct or do I miss something?

    1. Mark Luckenbaugh

      Thanks for reading. Duplicate content does not negatively affect local serps at this time. Having said that, we have discontinued the use of IFTTT but not for that reason

  12. Guido

    Hello, and thanks for the insights. I study online marketing and SEO, so this was like a buffet for me. Surfing around I see a lot of companies and websites with the same old rehashed information, but nobody really gets very indepth. THIS is a very informative post. If you don’t mind I’d like to add a few things for your readers that might help boost your authority.

    I own my own company, and I built everything I own. I built it and rebuilt it, and tweaked it and on, and on. You may have too. I asked myself a hundred times “what the hell?” I’ve even erased everything and started over, again, and again, and again. Through the years, and the “learning curve”, I am finally starting to see the bigger picture. You guys are spot on.

    I build my sites from the ground up using SILO architecture, and do all the internal linking and backlinking manually. SILO architecture is the way to go. It’s like an internal sort of index, which makes your site user friendly and bot friendly too. Internal linking does wonders for SEO too, and backlinking is critical, but as you said, do it naturally.

    I’m not going to spill the beans here, but you might know a man pushing SILO architecture, tiers, and webrings. That’s big boy stuff, exactly like what this post is teaching. Hard to find folks, so BOOKMARK this until you know it in and out. These folks are giving you the goods.

    The best advice I can give anyone is DO IT, and if YOU can’t do it, HIRE HELP. Don’t try to do everything yourself, trust me, you can’t, so get help. These are all great concepts, that work, but there is so much more to it.

    I agree with the author here, slow, but consistent is the way to go.

    I don’t automate anything that is “iffy”, but I damn sure automate everything I can.

    Take these catch phrases with you, and live by them…



  13. Daniel Moscovitch

    Hey Chaz! Thanks for all of this awesomeness. I have been watching and rewatching these videos this past week to develop my own SOP for this too. I am confused on how you were able to embed your gravatar profile on the sidebar of your site and if this is a very important step? I have a client who is a bit picky with how their site/blog looks and if I can skip it, then I will.

  14. Greg

    Very helpful indeed!

    I’ve been historically syndicating to my IFTTT network via an RSS feed directly from my blog site, so it’s interesting to see you recommend using Twitter instead to feed the network.


    1) Do you have any copies of the applets you use when syndicating to Tier 2 from a) the branded Blogger b) the branded Tumblr and c) the branded

    2) You mention one of the Tier 2 networks can be Avatar accounts. Can you clarify what you mean by Avatar accounts?

    3) Do the tweets (which are syndicated out across the branded IFTTT network) only link back to the original tweet on Twitter, or do they also contain a link back to the original blog post of the money site?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Anirban Roy @ Gift Ideas

    Hey Mark, this is really a great post. Creating backlinks is a time taking process, but your tutorial really summarizes about how we can automate that and create backlinks while sleeping. Thanks for the help.

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