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Let’s face it. Most of the SEO and marketing courses out there aren’t designed for local marketers. And when you’re trying to grow your local agency, it is imperative that you are armed with strategies proven to be effective.

GMB SEO Specialist (FREE)

Updated and comprehensive local SEO training by Chaz Edward. Access over 80 GMB training videos for free today.

Facebook Local Ads (FREE)

This Facebook Ads course will have you running successful campaigns for your local clients and ensuring a great ROAS.

Google Ads for Local (FREE)

A concise, over-the-shoulder-look as we set-up, analyze, and refine a profitable Google Ads campaign.

Link Building Science (FREE)

Develop a patent-based link building strategy to ensure consistently great off-page optimization.

7-Figure Agency Training (FREE)

Exact process to launch, market, automate, and scale your local marketing agency to 7 figures and beyond.

Local Marketing Mastermind

A biannual, limited-access master class designed for agencies seeking a fast-track to scale local marketing operations.

Proven Local SEO Training for Increased Search Rankings

Do you know that almost 1 in 2 search queries on search engines have local intent? That means that there’s an almost 50 percent chance that when people are doing a search for a particular keyword, they’re looking for local availability.

That’s correct. Local search is huge. And if you own a small or medium-sized business that caters to a local market, now is the best time to try and get ranked for all target local keywords. And if you are an agency specializing in local SEO, now may well be the golden era of local SEO.

Local search is just growing, and future projections indicate that it’s bound to get a lot bigger. This is becoming increasingly clear by Google’s focus on providing people with solutions and services nearest to their physical location. It’s also apparent in the increased number of ‘near me’ searches.

Learning how to do this by yourself is probably the single biggest investment you’ll make over the next 10 years. But to do that, you’ll need a local SEO training program that’s run by people who actually know what they’re doing, have a proven record of consistent rankings for local keywords and frequent map pack rankings on search engines like Google.

There are many SEO training programs positioned as a way to help you dominate local search. But, many of these lack merit or are unable to deliver on their promise. At Local Client Takeover, we have proven local SEO training that is guaranteed to get you the results you so badly want.

Our training is from years of testing and hundreds of campaigns run on every search engine there is. Over time, we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t.

Do you want to spend years trying to figure it out or would you rather have proven formulas and checklists that you can follow to get your small business ranked on any search engine?

We have a ton of students who have used our “recipes”, followed our systems and utilized our training. All of these students have gone on to dominate the search engines using what we taught them.

Are you next? Would you like to be able to rank websites at will, and dominate local map results? Would you like your listings to show up in the top 3 search results every time someone does a search for your target keywords?

If yes, then Local Client Takeover is what you need.

But Does the Local Client Takeover Training Really Work?

Before we answer this question, let’s address a major problem that we’ve seen. Many agency owners often struggle with effective local search marketing just because they aren’t willing to stick to one program.

As a result, they keep jumping from one SEO training to another, all in the hopes that they’ll find a shortcut that helps with their clients’ rankings on search.

Let’s clear the air right now: the only shortcut you’ll find is in the Local Client Takeover training program. If you drop every shiny new training and just learn what’s in LCT, you will enjoy huge rankings across the board. Your websites and Google Maps listings will start ranking for new keywords easily.

This local ranking training is as good as it gets. The information here blows every other training program out of the water. This is how you rise to the top of the search engines in far less time and with less work than your competition.

So, to answer your question, yes Local Client Takeover training works like gangbusters.

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Are you looking to learn the latest strategies and tactics that will help your local clients? Are you tired of the hype from other SEO gurus who don’t have a duplicable or sustainable framework? Are you interested in connecting with the world’s smartest marketers to share ideas and case studies?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

About LocalClientTakeover.com

Local Client Takeover was established 4 years ago by veteran local marketers with the goal of becoming the top online community for local SEO and SEM advice and training. Read the entire history here.

Meet the Experts

Partners, owners, and founders of multiple 7-figure online and offline brands, your Local Client Takeover coaches are recognized authorities in local marketing. Meet the team here.

Is Local Marketing Easy to Learn?

With Local Client Takeover, yes. LCT is like the Harvard of the online marketing courses. It gives you untold advantages because of the way the information is laid out and access to a private Facebook community of local marketing experts.

Local Marketing and SEO is easy to learn with LCT. And when you combine the local SEO module with some of the others, you’ll create a unique marketing mix that will give you unprecedented advantages in your industry.

Local Client Takeover is the secret weapon behind many agencies that are currently dominating page 1 of Google and other search engines for their target keywords.

You too can learn how to rank like a boss directly from the stables of industry-leading search experts, dominate the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines for target keywords and grow your business to a 7 or 8-figure revenue machine. 

Our courses and content are geared toward a local audience.

So, instead of learning generic techniques and outdated strategies that aren’t going to yield success for your client base, Local Client Takeover provides you with content and actionable steps that you can use to get your client roster to dominate the competition.

Whether you want more clients, more traffic or you’re looking to build an agency, we are your one-stop shop for all the information and training you need. You can get started today with our free course and browse our blog for a wealth of knowledge and resources.

We also have training modules that will put you and your clients on the map. Literally. You’ll learn how to appear in the top spots on Google Maps, how to place your client in front of every prospect wherever they go online, and we’ll even teach you some top-secret agency automation hacks.

And if you want more training than what we’ve got online, we offer a high-end mastermind that’s limited to 30 people. If you are serious about gaining knowledge that will blow your mind, this is for you.

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