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Niche Relevance is Dead: Local Link Building Part I

Who is mad at me about the click bait title? You either die the hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become a marketer that uses click bait titles.   Seriously though, niche relevance rocks   I do feel like we neglect one of the most powerful themes our...

Local Mini Guide: Review Stars in the SERPs

Local Mini Guide: Review Stars in the SERPs I noticed there are a ton of posts out there on the interwebs that give you a snippet of code and tell if you add that to your site you will get your review stars to appear in the SERPs. I saw three posts just the other day...

The Death of Local Citations?

What you are in for I am going to show you why so many of your citations suck. Most if not all of them are bleh and will never help you in any circumstance. I show you why we thought it was a good idea to even perform these tests and not just give up on citations as a...