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We Funnel Link Juice & Prominence To Your Social Media

Websites and business listings aren’t the only brand assets you should link to. Funneling link equity to your social media accounts can significantly improve your brand prominence, which in turn impacts your rankings. Local Client Takeover’s Brand Booster service is perfect for powering up your socials. Get a diversified and natural backlink profile today!

Features and Benefits

In today’s digital world, every brand should have a social media presence. But do your profiles have any authority? And are they visible in the SERP?

If not, our Brand Booster package can help.

Connect Your Social Media Presence

We build social hubs that aggregate all of your brand account content in one place.

Target Major Brand Accounts

We can drive link juice to up to 20 different social media profiles.

Diversify Your Backlink Profile

We use a diverse range of backlinks to increase your prominence, from tiered web 2.0 links to general PBN links.

Increase Indexation

Our social power-up is proven to speed up the rate of indexing for both your social and website content.

Natural, Safe Linking Process

We drip your backlinks over 10 days to mimic a natural-looking link velocity, which helps you avoid penalties.

Combine With DFY Account Creation

We can create your social media accounts for you for even more hands-off SEO.

Product Spotlight

What can our Brand Booster package do for you? And what does a complete campaign look like? Get the answers to those questions – and more – by watching the videos below.

What People Are Saying

“I use the technique in Chaz Edwards’s video on all my listings. I feel it is the strongest push in maps…”

Abbas Ugur

“We tested implementing just one aspect of the training on a couple of listings (1 verified and 1 not verified) for a client. After 2 weeks, yesterday the client texted me this “The phone rang better than it has in weeks!”

James Leigh

“Yeah. He jumped to #1 for tons of terms within a month of implementing all the tactics in the course.”

Jason Gshwandtner

“I’ve purchased all kinds of training on local marketing including the few courses that are available on GMB and the videos you did were killer…I didn’t think that your videos would teach me anything else…How wrong was I.”

Christian Kjw

Easy to Use Agency Dashboard

The Local Client Takeover agency dashboard has everything you need to monitor your campaigns. Submit an order, track your progress, and ask for assistance from our support team with the click of a button.

The Local SEO Experts

We have helped dozens of clients increase their quality signals and see improvements in the SERP. Whether you’re an agency in need of a white label partner or a small business trying to DIY their SEO, we’re here for you.


Contact us for all your questions: live chat, email, or dashboard messenger.

Our support line is open from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Contact us during business hours, and you can expect a response before the next business day.

What kind of links do you provide?

The Brand Booster package comes with 5 account hubs, 20 general PBN links, and web 2.0 tiered links for up to 20 brand profiles.

When will I start seeing results?

It doesn’t take long to start seeing the impact of the Brand Booster. Most of our clients report better brand rankings within a few weeks to a month of ordering their power-up.

What if I have a question about my order?

Reach out to us during business hours through live chat, email, and the agency dashboard. We’ll get back to you before the end of the day.

Is it possible to hire you for consultations?

Tell us about your campaign issues and we will provide FREE SEO recommendations ℅ Web 20 Ranker. You can also book an appointment with LCT co-founder Chaz if you need someone to take a closer look.

When can I expect my link network to be completed?

Please give us 14 business days to create your social hubs, build backlinks, and send a comprehensive report.

How do I buy brand booster links from you?

All you have to do is log into/sign up for the LCT client portal. Then, submit your order and business details through the dashboard.

Can you provide refunds if I’m unsatisfied?

We will fix any issue you have with your order for free. If we still can’t get what you want, barring any situations out of our control, we will be more than happy to refund you.

I need to rank my website/listing. Can you help me with that?

Yes! We offer two types of fully-managed SEO services. For wholesale white label SEO, agencies can reach out to our sister agency Web 20 Ranker. We also have boutique agency solutions that are perfect for small businesses.

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