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While local lead generation was still in its earlier stages, Chaz Edwards had firsthand knowledge of the challenges of local search. As a small business owner since 1996, he experienced the problems of transitioning from offline to online marketing firsthand. As phone books and printed advertising fell out of vogue, Chaz was forced to learn SEO so his business could survive. Chaz saw how digital marketing was transforming traditional business marketing models and started helping other business owners gain more online visiblity. A new path was forged.

Thinking Forward And Leading The Way In Local Search

While other SEO savants focused on snagging large clientele and doing one-time projects, Chaz was looking forward. He knew that his past problems as a local business owner were the same ones that other owners faced and that he was sitting on top of a goldmine: Since no one else was paying attention to local search opportunities, why not get ahead of the competition?

To solve this question for his customers and deliver the numbers, Chaz threw himself into figuring out Google My Business. Google My Business is a feature that lets business owners manage the way their business appears on Google. From listing offered products and services, down to displaying contact details, location, and customer reviews, GMB was often a potential customer’s first impression of a company. Chaz saw GMB’s potential to increase customer volume for his clients.

What sets Chaz apart is how he advocates a personal approach to each GMB-related problem. When dealing with reviews, for example, he advised clients to reply and build customer trust. “Responses to positive reviews can be considered a form of thanks, while apologetic and reassuring responses to negative reviews show that they are always listening to customers’ needs.”

He combined this review-forward plan with mapping out as many other factors as he could. Chaz emphasized, “Local ranking factors are a very important topic when it comes to understanding how to use Google My Business to gain new customers. That’s why it’s the very first topic covered in our Google My Business optimization training course.”

This hands-on solution was refreshing in an age where the Internet felt impersonal and uninvolved, and Chaz’s clients saw big profits because of his advice. But this was just one step into GMB for Chaz Edwards. Because search engine visibility and presentation was so important to small businesses, GMB became the focus of many of his later courses and articles. He began to write about GMB’s impact on SEO ratings, avoiding fake accounts and incentives for false reviews, and integrating social media into campaign strategies.

Staying Ahead Of The Local SEO Game

Chaz became a partner in a full-service digital agency. From there, he studied SEO patents, advanced search metrics, and SEO reporting for six years; eventually putting together his experience and newfound knowledge into sound strategies for local businesses. In 2015, Chaz poured his blood, sweat, and tears into Web 2.0 Ranker, a white label SEO company.

Web 2.0 offered customers packages with a range of services and price points. From providing on-page optimization to creating authority brand links and branded social accounts, it was a business that could give customers the choice between affordable, specific solutions; or premium options that could provide a whole revamp while they sat back and relaxed. This ease of use attracted a lot of clients, and business was booming.

Chaz Edwards didn’t stop at his business ventures and paid modules. He’s recently written blog entries on optimizing contact lists, improving search rankings, and automating responses. Because of his work, he’s an expert contributor for Local Marketing Institute, has appeared on Business Innovators Radio, served as a panelist for the Rocks Digital Local Search Day Expert Panel, and spoken at LCT Live 2017 On Google My Business Ranking Factors. Chaz is also a contributor to Marketing Digest, which compiles industry news and tracks developments in online marketing.

Scaling Local SEO

Presently, Chaz Edwards owns or manages over 700 Google My Business listings, and shows no signs of stopping there. One of his most recent projects is the launch of Local Viking, a GMB management software. In 2019, Chaz and the Web 2.0 team has joined Mark Luckenbaugh and Local Client Takeover—their plan is to provide new courses to train local digital marketers.

Chaz is excited about LCT. For him, it feels like a significant step towards one of his biggest goals, which is to spread the word on local search leads and how anyone can benefit from their training modules. Their top-notch team is so trusted and skilled that they’ve consulted for Fortune 500 companies, and some team members have even gone on to establish their own agencies. Chaz couldn’t be prouder of LCT’s success, or be more optimistic about its future: “We established Local Client Takeover because we’re passionate about local marketing training. We believe in educating local marketers so that they can best utilize Google My Business and other tools that pave the way to success in today’s increasingly digital world.”

The best part is that he’s made many of these tools and tips free for everyone to try. While his business still provides paid private SEO campaigns and site creation, Chaz continues to keep abreast of the latest trends and to collaborate with other SEO experts, looking for the next big thing that will make their models even more profitable.

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