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Video 1 features panelists Simon Cornelius, Jacob Kettner, Nate Fisher, and Michael Milas. Each panelist gives some current tips and tactics that are helping them conquer local SERPs.

Some of the nuggets revealed include which local signals are moving the SERPs, schema hacks for greater relevancy, insights into Google Maps spam scoring, and using content syndication to boost relevancy and rankings. Then Chaz deep dives into a multi-location GMB campaign and shares some of the exact tactics that are working to move GMB’s solidly into the 3 Pack.

Video 2 features panelists Michael Milas, Matt Veerstag, and Jason Guy and focuses heavily on the signals that are moving the local SERPs. We cover RSS and GMB posting automation, cluster maps tactics for massive lead generation, little known secrets for getting your edits to stick, how to select the ideal position for your listings, and then Chaz dives deep into the current ranking signals which are providing the greatest push right now.

Video 3 features Michael Milas and Jessie Taylor presenting current GMB test results, including our 301 redirect tests and our GMB website network tests and then Chaz presents a thorough analysis of the GMB CID and how the cluster document identifier works to assign prominence to your Google My Business listings.

Video 4 features Michael Milas and was also the bonus webinar from the SEO Treasure Hunt where Milas reviews the results of his current Google My Business tests, including GMB crossposting, reference link building to the GMB listing, and 301 redirects to the CID URL. He also shares strategies relating to co-citation and co-occurrence and the power of creating entity relationships for your Google My Business listing.

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