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Learn Advanced SEO Link Building Tactics

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“The Patents Behind the Link Algorithms”

Local Client Takeover, the same team behind the comprehensive GMB SEO training, is here to help you understand the ins and outs of backlinking. Our coaches will take you through an incredibly thorough, up-to-date, and valuable link building course, perfect for beginners and SEO specialists alike. As owners of a large link building service, we have enormous testing data and numerous documented case studies to provide the basis for advanced link-building strategies.


10 Hours of Link Building Training — Absolutely Free

Here at Local Client Takeover, we love what we do! We educate marketers and business owners so that they have the tools, resources, and strategies they need to succeed in the modern digital world. We’ve helped hundreds of clients understand the intricacies of link building, how it affects their site, and why neglecting it can be such a costly mistake.

Our experienced coaches aren’t just educators but are actually marketers themselves who own multi-million dollar agencies, consult with Fortune 500 companies, and train SEO specialists all over the country. The in-house team has decades of collective experience, and we’re confident that our expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

Each of our courses is specially designed to provide you with a diverse range of tactics and techniques, so you can make the most out of your content and get the results you need.


Our Advanced SEO Link Building Course

If you already know the basics of link building but are hungry to learn more, then this is the perfect course for you. This training program will help you tackle one of the hardest (yet most important) aspects of search engine optimization. Over our 10 original videos, you will dive deep into the real science behind link building—how it really works and how to make it work for you.

Although it is primarily an advanced link building course, the lessons will still cover the fundamental information. Meaning that you can still enjoy and learn from the course if you only have a basic knowledge of link building.

Link building is a difficult yet necessary part of SEO, and SEO is an inevitable part of success in the internet age. We want to help you along your journey towards true understanding, towards prosperity, and towards success.

Chaz Edwards, our resident authority on local marketing and all things SEO, will walk you through the following topics:

  • Factors influencing link value and quality
  • Backrub
  • PageRank
  • Page quality
  • Reasonable Surfer
  • Paid link detection
  • Topically-relevant rank
  • Trusted pages
  • Link building techniques and action plan

The course is completely free, and you will gain a lot of insight into what makes link building such an effective marketing tactic. You can immediately apply what you’ve learned, boost your visibility, and grow your business like never before.


Why Link Building Is Important For SEO

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites pointing to your own. Whenever another website links to yours, that counts as one backlink.

It may sound simple, but it’s actually quite impactful. Links are used by search engine crawler bots to index and find new pages for ranking. It also helps the search engine determine how your page ranks for particular keywords.

Link building is generally considered one of the toughest and most time-consuming aspects of SEO, but there are many benefits that make it worth the time and effort.


You Build Brand Trust

More links to your site raise awareness about your brand and establish you as an authority figure within your industry. This is especially true if you publish high-quality, value-adding original content.

When other websites link back to you (especially if they’re reputable and from the same niche), it’s a vote of confidence, a sign that your content is accurate, valuable, and relevant. The more you have, the more you become a trusted figure within your community.


You Increase Your Rank

Bots use links to find new pages to add to the search engine. Once a page has been indexed, it can now be ranked. The algorithm doesn’t just look at your content, it also looks at off-page factors like how many backlinks you have to your domain, who is linking back to you, and if those websites are trusted or not.

If you have a lot of backlinks from popular sites pointing at your domain or content, you are more likely to rank higher when people search for your keywords or phrases.

You Get More Visitors

Good link building helps drive traffic to your site in two ways:

  1. When a website links back to you, its readers have the opportunity to learn about you. They might click on the link, get directed to your site, and eventually turn into loyal customers.
  2. Building more high-quality backlinks increases your search engine results page ranking. This makes you more visible during searches for relevant keywords, allowing more people to find you when they need to.


You Make Valuable Connections

While you can technically buy links, it’s frowned upon by search engines and can get you some hefty penalties. The work of really earning that high-quality backlink often involves building relationships with other people in your industry and expanding your network.

You’ll have to reach out to similar blogs and sites to promote your products/services, share your content, and reach a new customer base. Connecting with industry influencers can be extremely helpful in both the short and long-term because you can make supporters out of them and their audience.


Learn More About Link Building And How It Works

Search engine optimization is a hodgepodge of techniques, but link building is one of the single most important things you can do for your site. Learning what backlinking is, how it works, and how to game the algorithm in your favor are crucial parts of any modern-day digital marketing strategy.

This is why we put this advanced training course together—to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for success. And at the low, low price of zero dollars, isn’t it worth it?



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