Here’s a List of 15 free Local SEO Tools that are Actually Useful



Do you guys hate lists of free tools that are full of PLR stuff or…just plain silly tools that offer no value to your business? Yea, I do too. Thus, I wanted to throw together a list of tools that actually have some use. Below you will find a treasure trove of tools with a variety of uses. I have, or still do, use these in my business and you can too.

Need free rank tracking for your sites? Yes, you heard that right, free! How about checking your competitions backlinks for free? If that is not enough how about a free checklist where you can map out your progress of local seo sites and see what else you need to accomplish? These are just a few of the 15 tools we included in our list for you guys to swipe and use to conquer the world. Well, at least crush your local serps.

Please comment below if there’s any tools that you think I should add.
Local Client Takeover – I guess you can call me biased, but with a free local marketing course that rivals the most expensive training out there, it is no secret that this is a list topper.

Blog Rank – This is a tool that helps you find relevant RSS feeds

KnowEm’s Social Media Optimizer – This will check your markup card for a few different social sites

Local SEO Checklist – Neat checklist for optimizing for local SEO

UI Faces – Grab free images to use for avatars

Ntopic – Checks the content relevancy of a web page or article

Bulk Keyword Generator – This tool allows you to generate local keywords in bulk

Keyword Density Checker – I like this one because it’ll read the actual code on the page, not just the text content.

Pingdom – Check your website site speed

Open Link Profiler – Free backlink checker

Shared Count – Track the number of social shares for a link

Text Mechanic – I LOVE this tool.  I use this all the time.  One of my favorite features is the remove duplicate lines.

Geo Sitemap Generator – This creates a geo sitemap and a KML file for your local sites

WP Theme Detector – This allows you to enter in a URL and it’ll tell you the wordpress theme it’s using

SERPLAB – Free keyword tracking