Rank With The Power Of Google

This Powerful White Hat Ranking Strategy Builds Authority Links

We build Google networks around your target keywords. By interlinking a dozen different Google properties, we can funnel both relevance and authority to your brand. We also boost your Google stack with cloud links, creating a relevant and powerful link network. And because everything is hosted on Google, it creates authority.

Features and Benefits

If you want to maximize your authority and relevance without risking a SERP penalty, then Google stacks are the perfect solution. Save hours of frustration with our do-it-for-you stacking services!

Leverage Google’s Authority

We build custom Google properties and link them to your brand, allowing you to take advantage of the search engine’s trust and authority.

Stack Local SEO Signals

We target specific local keywords to help you move the local SERP needle.

Get Powerful Tier 2 Links To Your Brand

We boost your Google stacks with a relevant two-tier private network that pushes tons of link equity.

Target Either Local Or Organic Results

Although Google stack networks are commonly used in local SEO, we can build stacks to improve your organic SERP position as well.

Build Multiple Stacks

Local Client Takeover can build up to three powerful stacks for extra authority and relevance.

Embed GMB Maps Places and Sites

Adding local Map embeds further reinforces the relevance of the network and makes it more impactful for local SEO purposes.

Product Spotlight

Still unsure if a Google stack network is right for your brand? Check out these videos to understand what Google stacks are, how we create them, and why they’re so effective at improving rank.

What People Are Saying

“I use the technique in Chaz Edwards’s video on all my listings. I feel it is the strongest push in maps…”

Abbas Ugur

“We tested implementing just one aspect of the training on a couple of listings (1 verified and 1 not verified) for a client. After 2 weeks, yesterday the client texted me this “The phone rang better than it has in weeks!”

James Leigh

“Yeah. He jumped to #1 for tons of terms within a month of implementing all the tactics in the course.”

Jason Gshwandtner

“I’ve purchased all kinds of training on local marketing including the few courses that are available on GMB and the videos you did were killer…I didn’t think that your videos would teach me anything else…How wrong was I.”

Christian Kjw

Easy to Use Agency Dashboard

Taking control of your SEO is never easier than with the Local Client Takeover agency dashboard. Submit orders, track your campaigns, and communicate with your LCT liaison in one convenient place.

The Local SEO Experts

If there’s someone you can trust with your local SEO, it’s Local Client Takeover. We’ve helped hundreds of clients gain quality signals and see major improvements in the SERP.


Contact us for all your questions: live chat, email, or dashboard messenger.

We’re always ready to help if you have any questions or concerns. Contact us during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. We will respond to your message before the next business day.

Which pages should I build Google stacks for?

You’ll see the biggest benefits by targeting your home page, but it depends on what you want to rank. For local SEO, we recommend targeting a location page. You can also rank any page organically with a Google stack.

Can I build multiple stacks for one URL?

Yes! And we highly recommend it. One Google stack should ideally target only one keyword, so you can use multiple stacks to rank your URL for different search terms or locations.

What if I have questions about my order?

We provide same-day support if you contact us during business hours. We have multiple channels you can use to reach us: live chat, email, and through the agency dashboard.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes! You can get FREE recommendations on your SEO campaign, or schedule a one-on-one consultation with LCT’s own local SEO guru Chaz.

How long does it take to complete a Google stack network?

We create Google stacks manually to ensure the highest quality. Please give us around 18 business days from the order date to complete your stack.

How do I hire you to create a Google stack network for my brand?

To start ranking with the power of Google, just sign up or log into the Local Client Takeover dashboard. From there, you can submit your order details and track our progress.

Can you provide refunds if I’m not satisfied?

Let us know if you’re not happy with our work, and we will do our best to fix it. If you’re still not satisfied, we will refund you, barring any situations that are not under our control.

Can you rank my site or listing for me?

If you want an expert to handle your SEO for you, we’ve got you covered. We offer white label agency services through our sister agency Web 20 Ranker, as well as boutique SEO solutions for small businesses.

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