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Years before the Internet became accessible to the masses, the only way to advertise your product was to either saturate radio or TV, or set-up the gigantic billboards in places that could be seen from miles away. Nowadays, with the Internet becoming so intertwined with our lives, the best way to attract customers is either to go viral on social media or be seen at the top of search engine listings. This is where local SEO specialists, like Brian Willie, built their career.


Who is Brian Willie?


Brian WillieBrian Willie is a specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with over 13 years of experience under his belt. He has worked for numerous companies and businesses and has used his expertise in online marketing to bring their products to the forefront of growth. For the last decade, Brian Willie has been the guy to turn to if you need any knowledge related to Google Maps SEO.

How good he is, you ask? A Texan law firm suffering from near financial ruin hired Brian Willie in 2006 and asked him to use his exceptional marketing skills and SEO knowledge on the struggling establishment. After just a year and half of working his magic, Brian was able to increase the law firm’s annual revenue to 600%. With that much boost in revenue, it’s a disservice to call it magic. It was pure expertise and skill, and Brian Willie has it.

Today, Brian Willie continues to train thousands of people on unleashing the power of SEO and teaching them how to clinch the top spots in the map listings. His knowledge and passion in conquering the Google Map listings have led him to develop “Maps LiftOff”, an online training course that teaches you how to get high ranks in the Google Map 3 Packs.


What is Maps LiftOff?


Maps LiftOff is a comprehensive, powerful, and insightful online Google My Business training program that teaches you how to capture the top rankings in the Google Map 3 Pack. It teaches you exactly how to get your own sites on the top of search rankings while letting you learn valuable marketing skills that you can use in every platform and type of online business. The entire course comes with a complete and up-to-date guide on Google Maps Training, tried and tested strategies in ranking quickly and attaining that 3 pack spot, and case studies of students who found success in Brian’s methodology to keep you inspired and motivated.

SEO is still a vital tool in boosting your online business’ profit margins, but with Google’s constant updates in its algorithm, ranking using SEO tactics is no longer enough. Maps LiftOff teaches you to rank your site by taking advantage of the Google Maps pack. Brian’s straightforward course will teach you how to boost your business’ earning a hundred-fold by letting Google show your establishment FIRST on the map. It’s even better than just being at the top of a generic search list result. Google will actually show a potential customer where you’re located. If you want to conquer your local competition and generate a lot of leads to your business, Brian’s system via Maps LiftOff is a great place to start.


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What is the Google 3 Pack?


If this is the first time you have heard about the Google 3 pack, then it means that you haven’t delved deeply into the true potential of SEO. And that you definitely need to think about enrolling into Brian’s Maps LiftOff program.

On August 6th of 2015, a handful of Google search users saw a drastic change in their pages after typing “sushi” in the search bar and hitting enter. Normally, after the page refreshes, they would see a list of 7 restaurants around their area serving their favorite sashimi or California Maki Roll, together with phone numbers just in case they get too lazy and get delivery instead. But on that day, only three restaurants appeared on the list, with a map on top showing the nearest restaurants, and no phone number to call up. On that day, Google introduced the 3 pack local listings, and it gave local businesses a cause for concern.

Back then, if you’re just a customer looking for the nearest place to get dinner and often used Google searches for that, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But if you were a local business owner, it would have meant lesser visibility for your establishment if you relied on the internet for your customers to find you. Competing for the top 7 spots on the local search listings already entailed a lot of hard work with your SEO. Reducing the top listings to 3 made it that much more difficult.

Google’s rationale behind reducing the pack local listing from 7 to 3 was fairly simple and obvious. Internet accessibility was no longer limited to computers and Google needed a way to make their search pages fluid enough to show information on mobile devices.  The 3 pack listing also heavily relies on the user’s location and shows more trustworthy organic searches. From a customer’s point of view, the 3 pack shows addresses and Google map ratings instead of phone numbers, making it convenient enough for them to see reliable results on the nearest establishments.

For small local businesses, the new 3 pack means fear of being overshadowed by larger conglomerates in the local searches. But as long as online business pages are optimized and made more responsive on “mobile” searches, any local business can appear at the top of the 3 local listings.

This is what Brian Willie’s Maps LiftOff is made for—to give small businesses a fighting chance in the local listings even with the change in Google’s algorithms. See what this free local SEO course can do for your online business.


Start the Free 3-Pack Maps Ranking Course, Now
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