Joe Troyer Is The Master Of Local Lead Gen

From Web Dev Beginnings To Local Lead Gen Master: Meet Joe Troyer

Joe Troyer has been into web development and design since 2008, but after a couple of years, he soon found there was more money to made elsewhere.

Circa 2010; Joe was introduced to SEO strategies and planning, and he had a knack for generating larger numbers of clicks for his clients.  While the whole SEO community was focused on trying to get the big fish and prestigious clients, Joe dared to think different: Why not start aiming for local leads instead?

First Software Product: Digital Triggers

Lead generation is simply the process of attracting potential customers to a company’s product or service, and what Joe wanted to do was contact these customers through calls. The first software product that Digital Triggers released was a call tracking platform, and from there, Joe started contacting local businesses. He wanted to show them that he was the guy who could help them boost business with his different model.

His local lead gen approach was simple: Aim to deliver leads to clients through calls, and get paid only when you deliver the leads. It was risky, but Joe decided it was worth it because with this technique he could draw attention to himself, and stand out from simple SEO offers. All publicity is good publicity.

“The thing is, that you have to think about too, is that in terms of conversion rates, it’s a lot easier to pick up a pay per call client or a lead gen client than it is SEO. They’re being pitched SEO every single day, right?”

Tackling Obstacles In His Path

Joe Troyer did run into some obstacles along the way. It took him some time to find an affordable provider that could cut their call costs. He also had to figure out proper pricing to realistically deliver to clients and make a good profit for Digital Triggers. Then there was the possibility that he simply wouldn’t be able to get those leads. But Joe persevered, saying, “Will you work your ass off and will you work non-stop until you can deliver for that client? Yes, right? What’s the worst case that can happen? Oh sorry, I won’t bill you anymore until we catch you up on the leads that we promised.”

His hard work paid off, and soon Digital Triggers had everyone dying to know what their business model was. Joe was initially reluctant to share the secret, but he realized that this was just another opportunity. Joe started creating local marketing training modules to show people how to master local lead generation.

Teaching The Secrets To Local Lead Gen

Joe’s LLG modules taught people how to create sites that would rank on search engines and could be sold for a tidy profit. He also introduced them to his own methods on number tracking, the basics of local SEO and how to use AdWords.

Joe’s courses became popular for their straightforward approach and wealth of information. While balancing his work with Digital Triggers, he put up free content on Youtube and the Digital Triggers site to spread the word on LLG. Joe continues to sell his system and concepts to the public, and he’s always looking for the next big idea to learn, package, and turn into a profit. Joe Troyer is truly an LLG pioneer.


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