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A Seasoned Veteran In Digital Marketing

Mark Luckenbaugh has witnessed first-hand the transformation of the digital marketing industry, with almost a decade of experience under his belt. His work has mainly focused on SEO services, PPC, and online marketing. In particular, Luckenbaugh’s work in marketing strategies and advertising campaigns has made him a sought-out SEO consultant with a plethora of clients ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 500’s.

Mark Luckenbaugh

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it is crucial for any enterprise to adapt to the trends to remain on top. However, many of these same innovative approaches in the industry proved to deliver inconsistent results. Mark Luckenbaugh has become one of the top SEOs in the field through his work with Local Client Takeover and The Lab Results, proving that there is value in going back to basics.

Alongside his consultation work, Mark Luckenbaugh founded Local Client Takeover, an educational website featuring free resources on SEO and digital marketing, based on industry experience and on-the-ground knowledge. He is also one of the seven onboard coaches for The Lab, a premier online course package that aims to equip professionals and business owners with tried-and-tested knowledge in various facets of digital marketing.

The successes of Mark Luckenbaugh’s endeavors; from his companies like Web 20 Ranker and Jensen.ai to his online education projects like Local Client Takeover and The Lab—are all proof of Luckenbaugh’s own convictions.

In approaching experiences through a strategic and analytic filter, he translates anecdotes into workable knowledge that can be applied to lucrative situations. This, combined with his growing frustration over how most “SEO experts” share untested theories to a knowledge-hungry public, has led to Luckenbaugh taking up the mantle of sharing his knowledge to others.

Many testimonials for his work and coaching share the same sentiment: that Luckenbaugh’s professionalism and specialized knowledge has grown their business and given them the know-how needed to succeed. Through his own learnings, Mark Luckenbaugh has moved beyond reaping the fruits of his labor and gone on to help others reap theirs. Indeed, Luckenbaugh takes a page from his own book: in relying on experience, this SEO has been able to deliver successful and consistent results.

The Creation of Local Client Takeover

LCT Local SEO Community is Mark Luckenbaugh’s brainchild, finding its roots in the popular social media app, Facebook. Originally, Luckenbaugh created LCT as a Facebook group where local marketers could share questions and advice to improve their digital marketing. Joined by M.Stack and Brian Willie, alongside many other guest coaches, they fostered a community of over 24,000 professionals that actively participated in discussions, hosted “Ask Me Anything” threads, and shared free lessons on SEO.

This Facebook group and the website that soon followed, represent Luckenbaugh’s answer to a problem in the digital marketing industry: that much of the knowledge practitioners relied on were speculations that did not provide anything meaningful.

In 2016, LCT released its Final Frontier and Local Profit Breakthrough training courses for digital marketers. In the wake of the enthusiastic reception of these materials, LCT has gone on to produce over 50 free courses and 300 training videos with even more coming soon.

In 2017, LCT hosted the SEO conference “LCT Live—7 Figures or Bust” in Las Vegas, drawing over 300 local marketers in attendance. LCT also offers a bi-annual SEO Mastermind where select professionals can update their knowledge on the latest trends and tactics in the industry, as well as talks from guest contributors, and round table sessions. These SEO Mastermind sessions also provide an avenue for networking opportunities for marketing professionals.

A Premium Learning Experience Through The Lab

The Lab began in a clandestine meeting between Mark Luckenbaugh, Brian Willie, and Matt Diggity to discuss their frustrations with the digital marketing industry and its tendency to depend on theories with irreplicable results.  What resulted is what is now touted as the most comprehensive SEO and Paid Advertising course with up-to-date techniques and tactics.

The Lab provides a wealth of online resources divided under several marketing labs: Affiliate Lab, Local SEO Lab, Maps Lab, Facebook Ads Lab, E-commerce Lab, Outreach Lab, YouTube Lab, Flipping Websites Lab. These resources take the form of presentations, videos, webinars, and one-on-one coaching from The Lab’s onboard coaches. Unlike other training courses, prefer to teach the know-how needed to effectively approach these digital marketing tools and use them for effective solutions.

Additionally, these courses include additional perks, such as receiving discounts for digital services offered by affiliated businesses and The Lab’s vetted suppliers, as well as access to software that helps in scaling digital services further.

Luckenbaugh is one of the 7 on-board coaches that provide much-needed insight to the professionals taking these courses. He handles the Local Lab, which draws from his years of experience in local marketing in order to teach how to effectively use the tools to increase local web rankings. He also teaches how to create effective SEO campaigns that can easily be scaled for any type of client to produce consistent results.

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