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All of our local marketing courses are regularly updated, yes, even the free ones. We pride ourselves on maintaining the digital marketing industry’s most comprehensive training materials, courses and mastermind sessions designed for marketing agency owners and SEOs looking to scale their agencies beyond 7-figures.

Some of our past courses and SEO training events included: Local Profit Breakthrough, Final Frontier, and LCT Live 7 Figures or Bust. We have successfully trained hundreds of local marketers and helped launch dozens of agencies across the United States.

Google My Business SEO Specialist (FREE)

The best free local SEO and maps training available. Chaz’s training will take you from a novice local SEO to an expert local SEO with over a dozen lessons, 80+ instructional videos, a live ranking case study. Discover the purpose behind the patents, analyze and apply the ranking theories, and tap into advanced concepts no one else is talking about.

14 Lessons and 80+ Videos

Facebook Local Ads (FREE)

Facebook strategy ideally suited for local clients. This Facebook Ads course will have you running successful campaigns for your local clients. We show you how to target, how to bid and how to launch your creatives. Combined with local SEO and other promotion strategies our Facebook training will enable you to offer comprehensive marketing for local clients.

(In Production)

Profitable Local Google Ads (FREE)

If you are not running PPC campaigns for your clients then you are missing an incredible opportunity to drive leads fast and prove your worth to the client early on. Nothing slows client churn like great performance and a profitable return on the marketing budget and we will show you exactly how to deliver an ROI as early as the first month of your marketing campaign.

In Production

Link Building Mastery (FREE)

Link Building Mastery is Chaz’s training on the patents that influence link building. From understanding backrub to an in-depth discussion on PageRank and Reasonable Surfer, this video series is designed to quickly get you up to speed on which patents may be in play and presents a 17 point link building action plan. If you need to rank websites then you need to understand the link patents.

10 Videos

7 Figure Agency Takeover (FREE)

From the initial business filings for your agency to recurring payment and invoicing solutions to 7-figure marketing and sales strategies, the lessons inside 7 Figure Agency Takeover can help an agency quickly set-up the systems and processes to scale to 7 figures. And our agency automation strategies can create a competitive advantage in onboarding, fulfillment, and client retention.

(In Production)

Limited-Access SEO Mastermind

The SEO Mastermind hosted by Mark Luckenbaugh and Chaz Edwards has been called “Amazing”. Held every six months in locations around the United States, this limited-access event features the latest tactics, real candid SEO and Agency hacks, round table sessions, guest contributions from world-class SEO’s, and a great 7 figure networking opportunity.

Small-Group Agency Growth Workshop

Why Choose Local Client Takeover?

This is by far one of the best search engine marketing programs in the industry.  And all of our online courses are 100% free. No catch.

There are multiple modules all of them designed to help you get the best possible results. For local search, you will find incredible tactics only used by the big dogs in the industry.

These are tactics that these guys are using to rank hundreds of websites and make a killing consulting for other people. The outcomes are guaranteed… as long as you do the work. When you sign up for Local Client Takeover today, you’ll get access to the following:

  • In-depth step-by-step guides for local search rankings domination
  • Proven marketing techniques designed to boost conversion rates
  • Time tested local SEO techniques for established and new local businesses
  • Strategies designed by SEO pros who have tens of thousands of rankings between them. So, we know what works when it comes to ranking a new or old local business.
  • Expert Google My Business optimization strategies designed to help you consistently show up in the maps and dominate local search for new or old keywords
  • Powerful Google My Business best practices that you can use to grow your local business
  • Insider tips on how to improve local business visibility on using Google My Business
  • Maps pack domination strategies for maximum impact

And the best part is that it’s laid out in such a simple manner that anyone, regardless of their skills and tech-savviness can learn, understand and implement the information. You’ll find everything laid out methodically. This way, you can find just any local marketing training you want by just scanning.

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Case studies, micro-trainings, and local marketing advice straight from the owners of multiple 7-figure+ marketing agencies. Mark, Chaz, and the entire team of expert local marketers share concise information designed to improve your agency and your bottom-line.

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Agency consulting, strategic planning, agency automation, SOP development, and white label fulfillment services allow us to offer our agency partners a competitive advantage. Our systems and process have been thoroughly refined in multiple 7 figure agencies.

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