Cute little guy right? WRONG! 

Possums are great at playing dead and then going in for the kill when you aren’t watching!

Google’s version of this is almost as nasty.  In case you aren’t aware, Google’s Possum update hit back in September of 2016 and has left a lot of local digital marketers shaking their head. Where did your listing go you ask?

In this brand new GMB 3-pack training, I walk you through how to spot Possum in action and several ways to land new clients.

Yes I said land new clients! I’m going to walk you through how to spot several problems that have occurred with local 3 pack rankings after this update.

You’re going to use this new found knowledge to swoop in like the good friend you are and help your new potential client out (oh and rake in some serious cash doing so).

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Brian Willie, creator of Maps Lift Off

Local Client Takeover



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