Local Client Takeover’s Recommended Products for Internet Marketing

I’ve listed some of my favorite products below.  Some of these links are affiliates, but we use all of the products we recommend.

Call Tracking

Analytical Call Tracking – This is the call tracker that all 3 of us use to track calls for our lead generation sites.  See the article I wrote about call tracking here.  You can’t beat the price and the functionality of this platform.

Citations and Social Links

Marketer’s Center – Awesome pricing for this service.  I use it all the time for my lead gen sites.  Use the coupon “lctsignup” to save some additional money with your order.


LiquidWeb – This is the hosting that we actually use to host the LCT site.  Brian, Mark, and I also use it on a ton of our local lead generation and client sites.  I’ve used a ton of different money site web hosts and have been burned more times than I can count.  LiquidWeb is one company that’s always treated me right.  Their customer service alone makes them worth using.  Click here to check them out.

IFTTT Setups

Web 2.0 Ranker

Landing Page Creator

Leadpages – It’s super easy to use.  It’s also very easy to quickly create landing pages that look great with it.

Popups & Opt-in


Press Release

I obviously have to recommend our press release service here, it’s the bee’s knees.

Rank Tracking

ProRankTracker – If you want to track a lot of keywords without breaking the bank, check out these guys.  I’ve personally been using them for a few years.  They’ve been adding more and more features lately too.