Local Client Takeover’s Recommended Products for Internet Marketing & SEO

We’ve tried and tested many different software and services over the years, so we listed some of our favorite products and services below.  Some of these links are affiliates, but all of the recommendations are used in our agencies. They’re helpful tools that have helped us grow and scale our agencies.


Call Tracking

Jensen Call Tracking is the call tracker that we spun off from the Jensen Lead Gen Platform..
See the article I wrote about call tracking here. You can’t beat the price and the functionality of this platform.


Citations and Social Accounts

We own Web 20 Ranker and it use it on all of our sites. Because of the issues we had with other vendors, we built our own citations and social account building service that creates better links with pricing. You can also power up citations with citation boosters and Google authority stacks, add-on unique handwritten content for better indexing, and leverage secondary citations for tiered linking. The same upgrades are available for social accounts.

Niche citations are also available for many popular industries, including roofing, wedding, attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, HVAC, plumbing, locksmith, painter, and restaurants among others.


Graphic Design Service

We use Graphically.io for the majority of our graphic creation. It is a monthly subscription service that allows unlimited graphic creation. You can create all types of social media graphics, logos, GIFs, display ads, brochures, flyers, banners, business cards, and everything in between.



LiquidWeb – This is the hosting that we actually use to host the LCT site.  Brian, Mark, and I also use it on a ton of our local lead generation and client sites.  I’ve used a ton of different money site web hosts and have been burned more times than I can count.  LiquidWeb is one company that’s always treated me right.  Their customer service alone makes them worth using.


SEO Research Tool

Ahrefs is what we use at our agencies. In addition to keyword research tools, there are many other helpful features. For example, you can use the content gap feature to show terms you aren’t currently ranking for and the link intersect to find link opportunities – missing links that are common among top ranking competitors.


Landing Page Creator

Leadpages is super easy to use.  It’s also very easy to quickly create landing pages that look great with it.


Popups & Opt-in

OptinMonster is easy to use, affordable, and offer seamless integration with quite a few platforms. The tool uses a drag and drop layout and provides templates based on what type of pop-up you want. They even offer geo-location targeting to customize content based on the user’s location.


Press Release

I obviously have to recommend our press release service here, it’s the bee’s knees.

If you’re looking for custom press outreach, try Web 2.0 Ranker’s Targeted Media Outreach service – it’s built for when you want to get your news out to the outlets and journalists that matter most. It combines our press release writing and syndication service (450+ outlets) with a custom list built to ensure the best outreach and results. The niche, industry, location, and topic of the press release impact what outreach contacts are best. We uniquely create each list of 1,000 contacts from our database of over 1 million contacts, including Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, and Forbes.


Rank Tracking

SERP Results is a scalable, accurate Rank Tracker developed to be affordable without compromising on features. It includes local rank tracking, like GeoGrids, and Organic SERP tracking. There’s also a lightning fast API, so you can pipe data into your platform ecosystems. This rank tracker can integrate into pretty much any agency structure, because it was built by agency owners and enterprise digital marketers – us!


Organic & Local Rank Tracking Software

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