“If your cold calling, blind emailing, walking in uninvited approach is not working, then maybe you need to go back to the drawing board…”

-a wise man

Ok sorry for shouting in the intro but in this post I want to solve a major problem I have seen manifesting since I began to help people grow their online businesses. Not just client acquisition but the manual outreach involved with some people’s strategies.


For the record there is nothing wrong with banging down doors if that is what you have to do to make your first two nickels rub together, and if that is the only option available to us then lets make sure we do so intelligently. Just to clarify, outreach is not only for newbs with no starting capital to formulate a marketing budget.  Chet Holmes spent a decade reaching out and following up with Tony Robbins before finally landing him as a client. Ed Stapleton from Clicks Geek uses intelligent outreach to obtain high end clients as discussed in a sales training we did together on a hangout.


The important part is forming a solid strategy, creating a persistent yet non invasive follow up, and taking action. In the training video below I took a birds eye approach to creating your initial plan. I did not want to focus in on any micro action that you could take (like lumpy mail, cold calling, etc) but the general concept of achieving success with these tactics by making a plan and holding yourself accountable to follow through and follow up.


So, before you pick up the phone to cold call, send out that unsolicited email, or go prospecting on Linkedin, take a gander at this quick video (<30 mins.) I threw together and prepare yourself for success. Change the way you prospect and increase your revenue! Below is a 28 minute video I threw together to help those wanting to prospect formulate a solid game plan and take their outreach to the next level.


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