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Most SEO experts agree that tiered link building is one of the best ways to grow your authority. But done wrong, it can put your whole site’s ranking in jeopardy. 

We only build tiered backlinks on aged blog networks with a decent trust flow. Every LCT tiered link boost is guaranteed to boost your social accounts and improve your local rankings.

Features and Benefits

Why choose tiered link building from Local Client Takeover? From faster rankings to higher traffic, there are many reasons to incorporate this powerful link building tactic into your SEO strategy.

Improve Local Rankings Fast

Rise in the rankings with a few weeks of setting up your tiered link boost.

Boost Any Link Or Profile

We can target any of your brand documents, from citations to social profiles to tier 1 links and beyond.

Funnel Authority & Relevance To Your Targets

Tiered links allow you to safely pass link juice to your tier 1 properties without triggering a manual action.

Generate Traffic To Your Website

Get more visitors to your site thanks to the improved SERP position and better brand prominence across the web.

Safe, Worry-Free Tiered Links

We make sure to diversify your backlink profile and drip them out to replicate a natural link velocity.

Super Powerful Backlink Strategy

Tiered linking enhances your SEO in many ways, from increasing user touchpoints and website accessibility to growing your domain authority.

Product Spotlight

Watch these videos to get a better idea of how our Tiered Web 2.0 Link Boost works, get a glimpse of what our deliverables look like, and learn about other ways to boost your backlinks.

What People Are Saying

“I use the technique in Chaz Edwards’s video on all my listings. I feel it is the strongest push in maps…”

Abbas Ugur

“We tested implementing just one aspect of the training on a couple of listings (1 verified and 1 not verified) for a client. After 2 weeks, yesterday the client texted me this “The phone rang better than it has in weeks!”

James Leigh

“Yeah. He jumped to #1 for tons of terms within a month of implementing all the tactics in the course.”

Jason Gshwandtner

“I’ve purchased all kinds of training on local marketing including the few courses that are available on GMB and the videos you did were killer…I didn’t think that your videos would teach me anything else…How wrong was I.”

Christian Kjw

Pricing and Options

Buy tiered link boosts now through the Local Client Takeover agency dashboard. Get up to 20 links for as low $7.50 each.

Easy to Use Agency Dashboard

Our client portal allows you to stay on top of your campaigns without having to lift a finger. Submit your orders, monitor your campaign progress, and reach out to the LCT support team all from one convenient place.

The Local SEO Experts

Grow your rankings (and your business) with Local Client Takeover’s premium SEO fulfillment services. We’ve helped dozens of agencies and in-house teams move the SERP with our tried-and-tested tactics.


Contact us for all your questions: live chat, email, or dashboard messenger.

Questions? Concerns? Ask away.

Local Client Takeover is open from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Contact us during business hours, and we’ll try our best to get back to you within the day.

Is tiered linking safe?

Tiered linking can either be safe or unsafe, depending on who is doing it. Here at Local Client Takeover, we only place links on custom-built, high-quality web 2.0 blogs. We also take extra precautions to ensure that your site remains penalty-free.

What kind of results can I expect and when?

Many of our clients see gains in their rankings within a couple of weeks after ordering, although this depends on how competitive your niche is.

How do I contact you for further questions or concerns?

Local Client Takeover is contactable through three channels: our website live chat, email, and your agency dashboard.

Will you consult on my SEO?

Our partner agency, Web 20 Ranker, provides FREE SEO campaign recommendations if you fill out the form. You can also book a one-on-one local SEO consultation with Chaz if there’s a serious problem that requires an in-depth look.

How long does it take to finish a tiered web 2.0 link boost?

We can complete a tiered link boost within X business days from when you submit your order.

How do I hire LCT for this service?

Simple, just submit an order through the agency dashboard. You can modify your order through your dashboard as well.

Can I request a refund?

If there’s something wrong with our work, please contact us so we can fix it for you for free. If we still can’t complete the order to your satisfaction, we will be glad to refund you.

I need help ranking my website/listing, can Local Client Takeover help?

Yes, we provide two SEO solutions for agencies and small businesses. For the former, Web 20 Ranker offers wholesale white-label SEO. For the latter, we provide boutique agency services to help you rank in the organic SERP.

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