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Very few SEO tactics are as powerful as private blog networks. But most of the time, these souped-up backlinks come with a lot of risk.

Local Client Takeover’s general PBN links are as safe as you can get. For as low as $7 per link, you can dominate the SERP without risking a penalty.

Dominate The National Or Local SERP

Our PBN links can help you outrank local or national sites, even in the most competitive niches.

High-Quality Content

We don’t use spun content to contextualize your link. Every article is natively written and free from grammatical errors.

Hand-Built, Trustworthy Sites

We use fleshed-out, aged PBNs with premium themes. The blogs are high-quality and your link juice will be too.

Clean & Anonymous Linking

Your safety is important to us. We block crawl bots, use non-SEO hosting, and avoid leaving any footprints that lead back to you.

Minimum Cost, Maximum Impact

Our PBN link building service is at the perfect price point for small businesses, but we don’t sacrifice quality. We only link from sites with 15+ trust flow and tons of referring domains.

Large Diverse Network

We are constantly adding new sites into the general network which means we can continue to supply quality links month after month without repeating sites.

Product Spotlight

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about PBNs: are they really that effective? How do they help your SEO? And what does Local Client Takeover do to ensure client safety? We answer those and more in the videos below.

What People Are Saying

“I use the technique in Chaz Edwards’s video on all my listings. I feel it is the strongest push in maps…”

Abbas Ugur

“We tested implementing just one aspect of the training on a couple of listings (1 verified and 1 not verified) for a client. After 2 weeks, yesterday the client texted me this “The phone rang better than it has in weeks!”

James Leigh

“Yeah. He jumped to #1 for tons of terms within a month of implementing all the tactics in the course.”

Jason Gshwandtner

“I’ve purchased all kinds of training on local marketing including the few courses that are available on GMB and the videos you did were killer…I didn’t think that your videos would teach me anything else…How wrong was I.”

Christian Kjw

Easy to Use Agency Dashboard

Anything you need – order submission, tracking, and even support – can be done through the dashboard members’ area.

The Local SEO Experts

Many agencies and local businesses trust us with their SEO. Why? Our techniques are proven to move the SERP needle, no matter your niche.


Contact us for all your questions: live chat, email, or dashboard messenger.

Local Client Takeover is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. Send us a message during business hours, and we’ll get back to you within the day.

How safe is it to use a general private blog network?

A PBN is only as safe as its webmaster makes it. We monitor all of our networks closely to ensure their effectiveness without risking client safety. Our websites are non-SEO-hosted and have varying IP addresses. We also use different content management systems to set up 100% unique sites. Bots are blocked from crawling our networks, and nothing can be traced back to your site.

How long do you need to complete a general PBN link campaign?

Please allow 14 business days for us to finish your PBN links.

When will I start seeing results?

Our links are high quality, so you may see improvements within days of indexing.

I have a question. How do I contact you?

You can reach Local Client Takeover through email, live chat, or the agency dashboard.

Can you consult on my campaign?

Our sister agency, Web 20 Ranker, provides FREE campaign recommendations if you leave your information at the link. For more serious SEO issues that require an in-depth look, please book an appointment with Chaz.

Is PBN illegal?

Technically, there is nothing wrong with building PBN links but it could get you in trouble with Google if discovered. There is a high likelihood of a manual penalty and SERP results can take a downward spiral. PBN links are mainly used as churn and burn solutions and are not future-proof given the fact that Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm.

What niches do you accept?

We can place links for all niches, except for vice sites, pharmaceutical sites, gambling sites, loan sites, and adult/pornography sites.

How long does it take for a PBN link to get indexed?

Our PBN posts are all indexed in Google, we double-check indexation before delivering your order. We also monitor site indexation as a whole, checking that our network is healthy. 

How do I buy general PBN backlinks?

It’s easy – just submit an order through the LCT client portal and we will contact you to get the process started.

Can you provide refunds if I’m unsatisfied with the work?

Yes! We will either fix the problem for free or refund your payment. We will also replace any dropped links within 12 months for free.

Do you offer full SEO services?

We will gladly rank your website or GMB listing for you. If you are looking for white label agency services, contact Web 20 Ranker. We also offer boutique SEO solutions for small businesses.

Should you buy backlinks?

Should you buy backlinks for your website? For a sustainable business that cares about growth, buying links will not be a good idea. Small businesses might realize some gains but it will only be for the short-term and will not be beneficial in the grand scheme of things.

What is PBN SEO?

A PBN can be defined as a network of sites that have been primarily created in order to build links. The goal is to pass authority to a single website in order to manipulate search results. Most PBNS are poorly built and will provide little to no tangible long-term benefits to a website.

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