Local SEO and Local Marketing Q&A Sessions 1-10

[Q&A#1] Do you reach out to most of your prospects?



[Q&A#2] Is it good to stay in one niche with lead generation or do multiple?



[Q&A#3] What’s your favorite client acquisition tactic?



[Q&A#4] What is systems/infrastructure do you have to help you scale your business?



[Q&A#5 ]What is the best way to approach SEO providers willing to partner with me?



[Q&A#6] Can you layout a strategy for ranking without the use of PBNs?



[Q&A#7] How would you spend $5k/month to ramp up your business?



[Q&A#8] What are your thoughts on better, faster cheaper traffic than SEO?



[Q&A#9] How can I get a site to rank for a service without the location in the keyword?



[Q&A#10] What 1 or 2 things should I consistently do?

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